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Discipline Plan

Discipline Plan
Spanish Language Classes
Mr. Calderon
       Since the the majority of students enrolled in the foreign language courses have been prior students at James A. Foshay L. C. it is expected that most students are aware of the rules and regulations established by the Learning Center. However, in case the need arises and discipline problems are impacting the quality of instruction in the classroom, the following steps will be taken to try to rectify the situation.
1) Small infractions such as speaking out of turn, using inappropiate language or disrupting instruction will be adressed by the instructor as need arises.
2) If the problem continues, the students will be addressed independently right after the incident.
3) A third offense wiil lead to a counselor or dean referral. A call to parents will take place to inform the parents that the situation, if continued, will lead to more serious consequences.
4) If behavior is not modified, a suspension and a parent conference will take place with the administration.