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All students who will be taking an AP exam this year MUST sign up for a preregistration session to complete the AP Packet and all answer documents BEFORE the first exam! See Ms. Beebe in S340 or on the High School Lawn during high school lunch to pick a session. (Beebe, 4/26)

Williams Facility Visit

Foshay Learning Center is scheduled for a Williams Facility Inspection on Thursday, April 12th at 8:30am. Please address any of the following conditions that may exist in your classroom, office, or assigned work area(s): Clear any blocked emergency grills/exits Remove storage on top of cabinets Discard unapproved cleaning solutions Label unmarked spray bottles Clear blocked doors and pathways Unblock air vents Remove items hanging from the ceiling, sprinklers, windows (including curtains), and pipes Clear blocked electrical panels and data cabinets Remove unapproved electrical items in classrooms (microwaves, refrigerators, coffee-makers, etc.) Use approved electrical cord covers. (Gonzalez, 4/12)


LAUSD School Police will be promoting a new program to inform students that bullying done through social media can be considered a felony, and students may be arrested if found to do. Students, please be aware that: • Once you post it, you can't take it back • Threats are no joke • Don't let your anger go viral. #endschoolviolence (LD Central, 6/8)

Assembly Bill 500 Required Posting: LAUSD Employee Code of Conduct

Assembly Bill 500 was recently approved by Governor Brown and adds language to Education Code Section 44050, which requires districts to do the following: Beginning July 1, 2018, school districts must provide a written copy of the section on employee interactions with pupils in its employee code of conduct to parents/guardians of each enrolled pupil at the beginning of each school year; and By January 1, 2018, post the code via a link on school websites. The Los Angeles Unified School District fulfills the requirements of this bill by: • Annually distributing the Parent Student Handbook, which includes information on employees’ interactions with pupils under the Code of Conduct with Students; and • Posting this Code of Conduct with Students link as notice on each school’s website. Please click on the link below for the Code of Conduct in English, Spanish, and other home languages. For more information regarding Code of Conduct with Students, contact the Educational Equity Compliance Office at (213) 241-7682 or your Local District Administrator of Operations.
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