Student Email Accounts

LAUSD Student Email Account Information
LAUSD has contracted with Google to provide student e-mail accounts.  You can check this e-mail from Foshay or any location with internet access. This is the account you must use to access Schoology, the district's grading program. 

To activate your account (use it for the first time) or change your password, you must know your LAUSD ID number, your birth date, and your pin number. You can get your pin number from any of your teachers. Your pin number never changes.

Here is the link:

You will need your LAUSD ID, birth date, and pin number -or- your email address and your birth date.
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Why can't I check my other e-mail accounts at Foshay?
Anonymous e-mail accounts provided by services like Yahoo or Hotmail are not accessible at Foshay.  They have been blocked by LAUSD because the owner of these e-mail accounts cannot be verified - because you can create an account with these services without having to prove your identity. Please be aware of this when sending and receiving e-mails provided by these services!
What e-mail can I check at Foshay?
You can only check e-mail accounts provided by services where you have to prove your identity - usually services you have to pay for, like AOL, Earthlink or even MSN.  If you can create an e-mail account without providing proof of your identity ... you probably won't be able to use it at Foshay.  Though you don't have to pay for your LAUSD student account, you DO have to prove who you are by having a Foshay student identification number!
Where can I check my e-mail at Foshay?
You can check your e-mail using the computers in the Product Development Center (PDC) during nutrition or lunch or after school.  You can also use any classroom computer that is connected to the internet, providing you have the teacher's permission!
Where do I go to check my LAUSD student e-mail?
Go to  There is also a link on the bottom of the school webpage. Type in your entire email address (including and click Next. Type in your password and click Next.  The service is provided by Google, so it looks just like Gmail.  Use this page to access your important services and content - email, calendar, news, weather and more - all in a single place!