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College Prep + School to Career!

The mission of the Foshay Senior High School (grades 9-12) is to produce a student with the skills and course requirements to make choices about his/her post-secondary future.  Students should meet or exceed college entrance requirements by the time they graduate from Foshay.  Students should also graduate with career skills sufficient to acquire an entry-level position in the workforce, if they so choose.

All Foshay Senior High School students are required to attempt completion of the University of Caifornia/California State University A-G course requirements.  This includes English Learners and students with Individualized Education Plans.

As noted on the Academies page, all high school students are also required to participate in a 3-year school-to-career program.

With the provision of both a college preparatory course sequence and a career pathway experience, our mission is definitely achievable!
The College Board has some GREAT resources!