Middle School » Math Grade 7 Syllabus

Math Grade 7 Syllabus

Mathematics Syllabus
7th Grade

Course Descriptions/Objectives
Students will receive instruction based on current state standards as set organized in the Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools: Kindergarten through 12th Grade for the Grade 7 Standards.

Prentice Hall
CPM (Foundations for Algebra year 2)

Grading Scale/Rubric
Weighted:  Classwork (15%), Homework (25%), Class Participation (5%), Quizzes/Tests (35%), Notes (20%)

Assessment Strategies
Culminating tasks
Traditional test (standards based)
Authentic assessments (journal, projects)

Attendance, lateness
For excused absence(s) student receives extra day(s) to turn in the assignment without penalty.  For tardy students, no exceptions will be afforded; students are responsible for all missing work, whether they are present or not.

Class participation
Group collaboration, in-class activities (correcting homework/classwork, taking notes, etc).  Talking and disruptive/disrespectful behavior will not be permitted and will negatively affect Work Habits and Cooperation grades.

Missed exams or assignments
Make-up exams must be taken within 3 days of absence.  No late assignments will be accepted as a general policy; exceptions given on situational basis.

Course Calendar/Schedule
Refer to Instructional Guide.