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Mission & Vision


The mission of James A Foshay Learning Center is to develop socially responsible citizens who are prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century.



To create an internationally focused school that promotes:
  • Communication within our community and throughout the world
  • Inquiry and problem solving in a rigorous academic setting
  • Technology as a means to learn, communicate and demonstrate knowledge
  • A community of caring students, parents, and staff
  • Service with the goal of making the world a better place

Foshay Learning Center Basic Concepts (as an Urban Learning Center)
  • Collaborative decision-making;
  • Multi-age classroom and collaboration;
  • Educators as continual learners;
  • Thematic, interdisciplinary curriculum;
  • Cutting-edge instructional methods;
  • Integrated health and social services;
  • Community as classroom and resource;
  • Multiple advocates for each student;
  • State-of –the-art technology;
  • Comprehensive student assessment system;
  • Emphasis on school-to-work transition;
As a LEARN school, we emphasize the involvement of all stakeholder groups—staff, students, parents, and community members.  All groups are represented on the school’s governing bodies, the School Based Management Leadership Council and the School Site Council, which means that the stakeholders have the opportunity to play an active role in collaborative decision-making.  Foshay Learning Center has an operating a Parent Center, which provides a variety of services to parents and students.