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School Namesake and Interesting Facts

School Namesake: James A. Foshay

James A. Foshay was born in Cold Spring, Putnam County, New York on November 25th, 1856. In 1893, he was appointed Assistant Superintendent of the Los Angeles Public Schools, and for two years he devoted himself so thoroughly to the advancement of education in Southern California he was appointed Superintendent in 1895.

For six years, he was a member of the School Examining Board of Los Angeles County. He continued as Superintendent of the Public Schools of Los Angeles until 1906.  Foshay was a staunch supporter of the principles of the Republican party, and took a keen personal interest in not just the questions of public policy affecting his home community, but also the major political issues relating to the affairs of the state and the nation.  He died on January 14, 1914.

Interesting Facts:

  • James A. Foshay was a Freemason, and was named the 34th Grand Master of Masons in California in 1900.
  • In 1901, he appeared in a book entitled, "Men of California: 1900-1902" (published by Pacific Art Company, San Francisco).