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Lena Jones » Who is Ms. Jones?

Who is Ms. Jones?

About Ms. Jones:
Ms. Jones has been teaching high school since 2005. For the last five years, she has had the pleasure of teaching at Foshay Learning Center. As a Language Arts teacher, Ms. Jones is an AP Language and Composition instructor to 11th graders who, through Foshay Learning Center, are a part of the Neighborhood Academic Initiative ("NAI"). She also teaches 9th grade, Integrated Humanities, which is a required elective for the International Baccalaureate, another program of excellence established at Foshay Learning Center. She received her Masters from Stanford University and her Bachelors of Arts degree in both Literature and Spanish Language and Literature from the University of California, Berkeley.
Spring 2019 Class Schedule: P1 - AP Lang and Comp; P.2 - AP Lang and Comp; P.4- Humanities; P.5 - Contemporary Lit; P.6 Humanities; P. 7 - Humanities