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Chromebook Returns

Foshay students have been issued Chromebooks so that they can complete their schoolwork. These devices were either provided by Foshay or by the District. Your child may have been issued one or the other or both.
Foshay Chromebooks
Devices that were provided by Foshay Learning Center remain with the child as long as they are a student at Foshay. If the student is an 8th grader and they will be returning to Foshay next year, then they keep it until they graduate. If they transfer to any other school or graduate, they must return their Foshay Chromebook to avoid any fines. 
District/LAUSD Chromebooks
Devices that were provided by LAUSD remain with the student until they leave the district. Even if the student leaves Foshay, they may keep the device if they go on to another LAUSD school. 
You have an District/LAUSD Chromebook if any of these apply:
  • You received the Chromebook during one of the large distribution events during summer or on a Saturday
  • The computer has a touch screen
  • The computer has a silver sticker on the bottom with the words 'ECF Funding' on it
  • The computer can connect to the Verizon network
For any issues regarding District/LAUSD devices the parent/guardian can take it to the repair center  :
5210 Clinton Street Los Angeles, CA 90004
OPEN: Monday - Friday from 7AM - 5PM
CLOSED: Sat. & Sun.
Action should be taken within a month in order to avoid loss of the device’s hotspot.