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II. Vision and Mission Statement

To create an internationally focused school that promotes:

Communication within our community and throughout the world, inquiry and problem solving in a rigorous academic setting. Technology as a means to learn, communicate, and demonstrate knowledge. A community of caring students, parents, and staff.

Group Norms:
1. Do what is best for students.

2. Do not make things personal; do not take things personal. 

3. Council decisions are made by consensus. Formal votes will be taken only as a last resort.

4. Council members support and uphold decisions reached by the council.

 5. No individual will be allowed to dominate the discussion of agenda items.
6. The council will discuss only those items it has a direct affect upon.

7. Statements or ideas have no ownership.


Thumbs up-
1.   I find the decision perfect.

Thumbs sideways-
2.  I can live with the decision even though I'm not especially enthusiastic about it. However, I will not block the decision because I trust the wisdom of the group.

Thumbs down-
3.  I do not agree with the decision and feel the need to stand in the way of this decision being accepted. We need to do more work before consensus can be reached.