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All students who will be taking an AP exam this year MUST sign up for a preregistration session to complete the AP Packet and all answer documents BEFORE the first exam! See Ms. Beebe in S340 or on the High School Lawn during high school lunch to pick a session. (Beebe, 4/26)
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Williams Facility Visit

Foshay Learning Center is scheduled for a Williams Facility Inspection on Thursday, April 12th at 8:30am. Please address any of the following conditions that may exist in your classroom, office, or assigned work area(s):
Clear any blocked emergency grills/exits
Remove storage on top of cabinets
Discard unapproved cleaning solutions
Label unmarked spray bottles
Clear blocked doors and pathways
Unblock air vents
Remove items hanging from the ceiling, sprinklers, windows (including curtains), and pipes
Clear blocked electrical panels and data cabinets
Remove unapproved electrical items in classrooms (microwaves, refrigerators, coffee-makers, etc.)
Use approved electrical cord covers.
(Gonzalez, 4/12)
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Seniors Register for the ACT:

The deadline to register for the October ACT Test is September 16th for the October 22nd test date. The ACT is accepted by all colleges and serves the same purpose as the SAT. Fee waivers are available in the High School Counseling Office. (Lopez, 9/16)
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Turn in Your Free/Reduced Lunch Applications:

Students please fill out your Free or Reduced Lunch Applications online at:
Just by turning in your completed form, we can generate money for our school’s Title I Program, which is used to supplement our instruction. Many supplies that are ordered by teachers for their classrooms are purchased by the
Title I program, as well as funding for additional school staff and field trips. (Lopez, 9/30)
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Harvard University Visit

HS Students, please see Dr. Scott if you are interested in meeting the Harvard University Representative in the HS Office on January 16, 2018 at 11:00am. (Scott, 1/17)
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Visit Rensselaer College:

Rensselaer invites academically talented seniors, who are underrepresented minorities or young women, to apply for the STAR (Science, Technology, Arts at Rensselaer) Program from Thursday, October 27th, to Saturday, October 29, 2016. Weekend activities will include, an interactive leadership activity, academic experience, undergraduate research overview, tour of laboratories, and much more. Travel assistance (airfare, housing and meals) is available for students for whom the trip to Rensselaer would present a financial hardship. Requests for assistance must be on the STAR Program application.
(Lopez, 9/23)
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Burger King Scholarship

Students who will be high school seniors during the 2018-2019 school year, please consider applying to this scholarship from the McLemore/Burger King Foundation. The deadline to apply is December 15, 2017. Information is listed at the link. (Beebe, 11/1)
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