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Foshay has a number of governing bodies with jurisdiction over different areas of this institution. The following four groups are the principle governing bodies at Foshay:

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)
This committee advises the English Learner program at Foshay.

Student Leadership
This is the official governing body representing the students at Foshay.

School Based Management (SBM)
This group, equally represented by all stakeholders, makes decisions regarding Staff Professional Development, Student Discipline Guidelines and Code of Student Conduct, Schedule of school activities and events and special schedules, Guidelines for use of school equipment including the copy machines, and Some budgetary matters. 

School Site Council (SSC)
School Site Council is a decision making body that is mandated by law and the district. It is intended to represent all the stakeholders of the school community. School Site Council is responsible for developing, monitoring, and revising the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA); Allocating resources to support the SPSA; Annually revising the SPSA with the recommendations solicited from various advisory committees.