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Get your life together!



These are four words you can expect to hear from me every day. You are in high school now. That means that going forward you are applying everything you learn towards college, career, and life. I recognize that it can be a lot to hear at a young age. The pressures of being a teenager are enough and I have no idea what you are experiencing outside my class.

My hope is give you practical math skills that you will use in your everyday life while teaching you Algebra 1. My teaching strategy emulates the type of experience you’ll have in a community college Algebra 1 course. That way where ever you go after my class you are prepared. I will guide you through organizational skills that you will need during and after high school. Like time management, note taking, data analysis and budgeting living expenses.

Algebra 1 was a struggle for me all through my high school career. I was unhoused a majority of the time so it was hard for me to find relevance in any class. I worked during and immediately after graduation. It took me 6 years to get through the community college system as a part time student with a disability. After transferring to Cal state la. I joined the EOP program as a first generation college student. I spent over 13 years in college to help students find relevance in algebra 1. I worked in many jobs (restaurants, UPS, movie theaters…) and I’ve finally made it to the career I’ve always wanted and worked so hard for.

I’ve been at Foshay and with LAUSD for 3 years now, I live down the street and I don’t plan on going anywhere else.

As a math teacher, I will not tell you if answer is right or wrong but I will help you discover on your own if it’s the direction you want to go.


Sharon Shatterly