Course Description

This course is designed to provide a college-level experience and preparation for the AP Exam that will be given in May 8, 2020.  The major emphasis of this course is placed on mastering significant course topics and information (heavy emphasis is placed on course readings, outlines, debates, articles, and notes), interpreting documents, and learning how to write critical essays. Moreover, students should expect daily homework assignments, quizzes, and multiple-choice and essay exams.

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1.  Chapter 17: LOQs or CO or SH
2.  Chapter 17 Quiz


1.  Chapter 18: LOQs or CO or SH
2.  Chapter 18 Quiz
3.  Woodrow Wilson & League of Nations--Debate Review 


1.  Chapter 19: LOQs or CO or SH
2.  Chapter 19 Quiz
3.  From the Jazz Age to the Uprisings of the 1930s--Document Review

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