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Mr. Ernest Cherriokee's Class Schedule

6th Grade Math & Science
7th Grade Honors Math & Honors Social Studies
Greetings Parents and Students,
Welcome to the AVID program.  Please visit our AVID website to learn more about our program and staff.  Please click here to visit AVID Website.
My Educational Background:
     *  Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Spanish. Minor in Computer Science. 
        California State University, Fullerton.
     *  Master's of Art Degree in Education.  National University.
     *   Multiple Subject Credential.  National University.
     *   Administrative Credential.  National University
Titles Held:
     *  Bilingual Teacher        *  Dual Language Teacher       *   Elementary/Secondary Teacher
     *  Title 1 Coordinator      *  Bilingual Coordinator            *   Professional Expert
     *  Assistant Principal      *  Principal                                   *  TSP Coordinator
Foreign Exchange Student: 
    *   Colombia, South America
    *   Berlin, Germany.
Future Endeavors:
     *  Doctoral Program in Education
     *  Private Pilot/Commercial Pilot  Licenses