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How many years at foshay: Well I’ve been here for about 24years, since 1987. I’ve enjoyed being here at Foshay it’s a wonderful school.
Info on family, hobbies, likes/dislikes: My family? Well I am happily married to my wife Nicole and I have a new born baby girl named Karma. I am very passionate about music; during my free periods I like to play my guitar and sing. Something I dislike are lima beans.........
 Grade levels they teach: Right now I’m teaching 9th and 12th grade only, but if I have to I can also teach 10th & 11th grade levels .
Subjects they teach: I’m teaching the 9th graders the subject known as Integrated Science and as for the 12th graders, I am currently teaching them physiology.
Short description of what the students learn in that subject:
9th Grade: covers 4 main topics: geology, physics, chemistry, and biology. My students learn about earthquakes, volcanoes, the periodic table, chemical reactions, and properties of matter, as well as forces and motion. The first semsester is project driven. At the end of the first semester, my student's will create a a lesson plan via powerpoint to teach sixth graders topics of geology and physics. During the second semester my students will explore  the  periodic table and chemical reactions. Here they will also learn the proper format for writing a lab report.
12th Grade: . The class is a combination of anatomy and physiology, where the students learn about  the body systems of many members of the animal kingdom in terms of their structure and function.