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Dr. Nelli has enjoyed teaching History and English Language Arts at the James A. Foshay Learning Center for 10 years. He as earned his Doctorate in Educational Leadership specializing in School Finance at the University of Southern California. Dr. Nelli has traveled extensively through Western and Eastern Europe as well as Eurasia. I spent the first five years of my life in Europe, and attended Kindergarten in Udine, Italy at the International School. I have a wife and a newborn daughter.
Course Outline:
7th Grade Social Studies can be very exciting. Students will begin with a review of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and end the year with the American and French Revolutionary Wars. We will discover Medieval and Modern Civilizations on the contintents of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.  Be ready to work, learn and enjoy exploring the world and its heritage.
Homework Policy:
Students are assigned homework five nights per week! This sometimes is confusing to students given block scheduling of classes. However, the teacher emphasizes that homework is a combination of reading course related materials, responding to and reflecting on relevant questions, on-going research for semester projects, in addition to studying for chapter tests and quizzes, periodic assessments and the final examination. Students are expected to read approximately 5-7 pages per night in their textbook, and are also given questions to respond to / reflect on. Class work and homework assignments are both critical to student comprehension and mastery of course content.
Disciplinary Policy:
Students are expected to present their best composure in and out of the classroom at all times. Any infractions will be dealt with immediately, on a graduated basis (warning & parent phone calll, nutrition / lunch / afterschool detention up to 1 hour, Parent-Student-Teacher Conference, etc).
Students are required to bring thier textbooks, supplies, and notebooks to class every day. Homework must be completed at home or at Foshay in one of the after-school programs available to students.
• Pens (red, blue, black), Pencils (#2)
• Textbook, A Dictionary is also helpful
• Ruler
• Lined, college-ruled paper

All students are expected to have a notebook to keep themselves organized.
Students may wish to have a separate three-ring binder for History or may
include a sectional divider for history within a larger-size three ring binder where
they keep all of their materials.

Grading Policy:
Students are assigned a point value (normally on a scale of one to five, sometimes weighted as is the case for essays and research projects) for all class work, homework, quizzes, essays, journal entries, and research projects. Chapter tests and the Final Examination are given a greater number of points. Regardless, for all reporting (grading) periods, all assignments are quantitatively evaluated:

• Students whose final scores fall between a 90-100% will receive an “A”
• Students whose final scores fall between a 80-89% will receive a “B”
• Students whose final scores fall between a 70-79% will receive a “C”
• Students whose final scores fall between a 60-69% will receive a “D”
• Students whose final scores are below 60% will receive a “Fail” for the course.

** ELL Students and students with IEP's will receive appropriate accommodations and evaluated accordingly.