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Welcome Letter

Welcome to Ms. Leon's class!

I am your teacher in either AP US History, American Government, or Psychology. I am looking forward to a successful school year. To achieve a great year of exploring and learning, I will need your  full commitment to the following requirements and policies:

Course Requirements: This course will involve both lecture and discussion. Students will be expected to prepare assignments carefully and thoughtfully and to participate actively. For a successful class, all must be present and ready to question, discuss, and debate the material and issues. Your active participation in class is required.

In addition, students must follow news events that are relevant to United States Economy, Government and Politics. Many classes begin with the discussion of a current event taken from a newspaper, magazine or online source.

Expectations: Students are expected
• To read, study and analyze all assigned readings before class every night
• Complete, examine and study all class and homework assignments
• Come to class with all required materials, prepared and ready to learn and discuss
• Bring their text, notebook and supplies to class everyday.
• Attend class and be on time daily
• Be respectful and responsible at all times to every individual

A. Notebook: With all notes dated and organized, and all assignments must be kept in the notebook.
B. Bring text book to every class meeting

C. Grading Policy: Grades will be earned by points/grades earned on test, quizzes, case analysis, projects, class-work, homework, and class participation.

A= 90-100% B= 80-89% C= 70-79% D= 60-69% F= 0-59%

Case studies 25PTS Current Event 10 PTS
Short Response Essay 30 PTS Presentation 60 PTS
Research Paper 100 PTS Quiz 20-25 PTS
Test 50 PTS Final Exam 100 PTS

Homework Policy: All homework and assignments are to be turned in on due date. No late assignments accepted! Exceptions are only for excused illness, emergency or absences. Students must make-up missed assignments upon returning to class, not weeks after returning. No Extra Credit Work !

For missed exams and quizzes, students are responsible for reminding teacher of their previous absence on the day of the exam or quiz and need to make up. Teacher not responsible for reminding students of missed assignments or exams.

Discipline Policy: Students must be Respectful and Responsible at all times.
1. RESPECTFUL: students must respect other’s personal space and property.
• No insulting or ridiculing their peers or any adult.
• Address everyone with respect.
2. RESPONSIBLE: students must come prepared and ready to participate in class discussions and activities.
• Homework analyzed, studied and completed.
• Bring all required materials to class.

If a student breaks a rule, the following consequences will occur:
1. One Warning
2. Call Home
3. Deans’ Office

To achieve a great and successful year I will need your support. Please review and discuss this letter with your parents. If you have any questions, please contact me at (323) 373-2700 or via email

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Please sign below to acknowledge receipt of this letter.


Ms. Leon

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