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Ms. Nastassia Toruno » Welcome


Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I'm Ms.Toruno and I'm honored to be the Health Academy Lead Teacher.
My background:
I've been a high school teacher for a little over a decade, but I've been teaching in one capacity or another for much longer. While I was in college, I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). I absolutely loved the job and working in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). One of my primary responsibilities was training incoming employees and overseeing quality improvement/quality assurance.
After leaving EMS, I became a flight instructor. Although I do not work as a flight instructor anymore (I just don't have the time now that I'm a Mom and high school teacher) I still enjoy aviation, fly occasionally and maintain active flight instructor certification.
I am credentialed to teach: Health Science and Medical Technology, Social Science and Earth & Space Science. Before coming to Foshay, I worked as a Social Studies teacher at an alternative high school for several years.
My hobbies include reading, spending time with my family, travel and cooking.
Courses I teach are:
-Medical Interventions Syllabus
-Human Body Systems Syllabus
-Principles of Biomedical Science Syllabus
I'm always happy to chat via email, schoology message or in person if you ever have questions about any of my courses or the health academy.