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Family Support (English)

Foshay Scholars and Families,
I wanted to let you know that I understand that this time of school closure has been overwhelming for EVERYONE! I understand that juggling schooling from home, your own work responsibilities, after school activities and family time is very difficult.
First you need to get your basic needs met and learn how you can help your child learn at home:

LAUSD Family Resource Page: Student Meals and Learning Tools at Home

Next, begin establishing a rhythm and building a daily schedule. Every family is different so I know that creating a daily routine is not a one size fits all. For this reason we I am offering a variety of ideas based on your individual needs.

Below you will find some suggestions, tips and support resources for:
  • Families with parent(s) who are working from home.
  • Families who have another adult (non-parent) caring for their child(ren) while they are working.
  • Families who have students at a childcare center while they are at work.

Families with parent(s) who are working from home:
Your child(ren) are used to a daily routine with a daily schedule that was created for them by their teachers and parents. It is important during this time of uncertainty to work together as a family to build a flexible daily schedule that works for everyone.

Some tips to building a daily schedule:
If possible each morning have a family meeting or time to communicate to discuss everyone's goals for the day.
During this meeting:
  • Set expectations and goals for the day
  • Go over your schedules together, and make your individual needs clear. EX: I need to be in a zoom meeting from 1:00pm-2:00pm, I need to go play outside.
Make a list of Must do's and May do's. This is also something students are familiar with. Must Do's are all the things that MUST get done today. MAY Do's are things that can be done once we get through our must do's.

Post your daily schedule where everyone can see. This should include the adult schedules as well. You can make or print out a calendar for the month with your must dos and may dos.
Have your child(ren) create a comfortable work space. This space should only be used for classroom work and should be free of distractions. This is a trial and error process and it may take a few tries to find the 'just right place' for working.

Take a short stretch and brain break every 30 minutes. You can do this as a family! 

End the day with reflection time. Celebrate what went well and talk about what you all could do better tomorrow. Remind each other that you are in this together and this is a work in progress.

Sample: Daily Schedule (for students)
 Family time (breakfast, look at your daily schedule together and shift things around as needed)

9:00am-2:15 pm Following your child's Foshay Learning Center Schedule

2:30pm - 5:00pm
Afterschool/High Interest Activities: Clubs, music lessons or online extended learning based on student interest/need, etc. (This may be time for some students to "catch up" on some assignments).

Family Time, dinner, showers etc.

7:00pm - 8pm
Reflection time and quiet reading

Families who have another adult (non-parent) caring for their child(ren) while they are working:
  • The above tips can be shared with the adult who is caring for your child(ren) while you are away at work. Have them work with your child(ren) to build a daily routine.
  • Make sure they are connected to me if they have questions about assignments [email protected] Reach out to me to introduce this caregiver so we can support your child. 
Families who have students at a childcare center while they are at work
  • Ask your childcare provider if they have a specific school work time for students while they are at the center.
  • Reach out to me and let me know the hours your child(ren) are free to do school work. I can work with you to build a schedule during this time.
  • If your child(ren) do not have access to technology at the childcare center please let me know so that I can problem solve an alternative for them.
Please be kind to yourself and your children during this transition virtually learning. Remember you are doing the best you can to navigate this crazy new reality. We are all in this together and together we will persevere.
In service to our students,
Betty Law